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Eurovision 2018, Semi-Final 1

Here are my thoughts on each of the acts in the first semi-final of 2018’s Eurovision Song Contest.

1. Azerbaijan

Not a bad song, but not a particularly interesting one, either. Some nice staging and choreography, but not exceptional.

2. Iceland

Absolutely cringeworthy song. Nice suit, though.

3. Albania

Not unpleasant.

4. Belgium

Weird song. Weird performance. Weird staging. I’m not sure I liked it, exactly, but it was interesting, at least.

5. Czech Republic

Not really my sort of music, but the performance was crazy enough that this has got to be my favourite of the evening so far.

6. Lithuania

Boring song, but the way video clips of …seemingly random people… were overlayed on top of the live performance was quite interesting.

7. Israel

Everything about this was insane. I… kinda liked it.

8. Belarus

Bland song, but I like what was done with the rose motif.

9. Estonia


10. Bulgaria

Not bad. Not brilliant.

11. F.Y.R. Macedonia

Yet another dull entry.

12. Croatia

Again, not terrible. But nothing special.

13. Austria

Pleasant song. Interesting way they had the singer on a platform. Otherwise largely forgettable.

14. Greece

Not outstanding, but it’s nice to have a non-English song for a change.

15. Finland

A relatively tame but very competent entry. Probably one of my favourites.

16. Armenia

Back to the bland.

17. Switzerland

Quite a decent song. Nice hat, too!

18. Ireland

Choreography was decent, but the song was very drab.

19. Cyprus

One of the stronger acts of the evening. Song was alright, and the performance and choreography were good.

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