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Eurovision 2018, Semi-Final 2

Here are my thoughts on each of the acts in the second semi-final of 2018’s Eurovision Song Contest.

1. Norway

Funky music with gimmicky visuals.

2. Romania

Unpleasant song with creepy mannequins.

3. Serbia

Started off like a traditional Serbian song, which was promptly ruined when it became a pop song.

4. San Marino

The dancing robots were cool. It’s a shame the song was painful to listen to.

5. Denmark

This definitely had Viking vibes and certainly was not bad. Though not outstanding either.

6. Russia

I didn’t care for the song, but the staging and choreography was… pleasant.

7. Moldova

Moldova always puts on a good show, and this year was no different. The song was decent, but the choreography and staging was quite possibly the best of the competition so far this year. I liked how their outfits reflected the colours of the Moldovan flag.

8. Netherlands

Pretty good song, though what was with all the crazy dancing?! It did not look pleasant.

9. Australia

Australia is totally part of Europe, right? Anyway, the song was bland, but the staging and choreography were pretty good.

10. Georgia

A mediocre performance.

11. Poland

My ears hurt… The lighting was nice, though.

12. Malta

Weird, but I quite liked it!

13. Hungary

My ears hurt again…

14. Latvia


15. Sweden

It was okay. Quite nice, visually.

16. Montenegro

Another fairly boring song.

17. Slovenia

Not very pleasant, but it had style, at least. Oh, and the fake technical issues were so cringeworthy…

18. Ukraine

I quite liked it. Good performance.

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